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Cow Families

These are the foundation Angus and Red Angus cow families of the G P herd. For over five decades and through many generations, we have selected for great dispositions, non- forgiving fertility and mothering ability along with the most elite curve bending genetics we could find each breeding season. Our herd has become what it has been selected to be. Generations of easy fleshing, voluminous matrons with the ability to produce breed leaders in most all traits. These are the mothers to numerous test station leaders, herd bull prospects and foundation females for many herds in the upper Midwest. We have visited many of the top herds in the country, and we come home even more proud of what many visitors claim as one of the most elite performance Angus herds in the upper Midwest. Learn more about each family:



The Blackbird Family

G P Blackbird 239

G P Blackbird 239

The founding member of the Blackbird tribe is Ankony B999 Lass 28073 (437N). She was purchased in 1981 as our pick of the Corbin influenced Emulous bred females at Ankony Shadow Isle Ranch of Minatare, Nebraska. Her grandam is Blackbird of Coalgate 21, the dam of Gaines Lady. Gaines Lady was arguably the most influential female from the Murray Corbin herd of Connerville, Oklahoma. This cow family has been extremely productive, fertile and long lasting. The highlights of our Blackbirds are:

Reg. No. Name Sire
16693362 G P Blackbird 018 Sitz Upward 307R
17524589 G P Blackbird 302 WMR Timeless 458
18108249 G P Blackbird 515 Connealy Shrek 4242
18777432 G P Blackbird 716 Deer Valley All In
19108888 G P Blackbird 812 KCF Bennett Fortress
19111046 G P Blackbird 820 Jindra Megahit
19108885 G P Blackbird 821 KCF Bennett Fortress
19460722 G P Blackbird 931 Connealy Blackhawk 6198
19714729 G P Blackbird 023 Connealy Blackhawk 6198
19714730 G P Blackbird 024 KB-Full Measure C40

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The Faith Family


The initial member of this cow family is LSF Faith LA416. LA416 was purchased in 2001 from Ludvigson Stock Farm of Cushing, Iowa. We feel that LA416 was the best Marias daughter to sell in 2001. This cow family has been extremely prolific, producing many great herd bulls. The Faiths are some of the top matrons in the breed. Some of our most impressive Faiths are:

Reg. No. Name Sire
1735519 G P Faith 508 LSF RAB Exclusive 2793Z
3618857 G P Faith 701 Brown AA Prestigious B5153
4241270 G P Faith 012 HXC Allegiance 5502C

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The Katinka Family

The founding member of the Katinka tribe is Ankony B999 Lass 35824 (824R). 824R was purchased in the fall of 1974 from Ankony Angus Corporation of Bloomfield, Iowa. As a senior in high school, my best friend and future wife, Claudine, and I ventured to Bloomfield to add some Dynamo daughters to our Angus herd. As young seventeen-year-olds, we were overwhelmed when we found ourselves selecting through over 400 heifers. The Katinka family is one of our originals and has stood the test of time. Despite selection and hard culling over the last four decades, the Katinkas are still some of the most prominent females in our herd. Short gestation with superior growth and maternal traits best describe the Katinka females. These are some of our most prominent Katinkas:

Reg. No. Name Sire
18777425 G P Katinka 704 KCF Bennett Fortress
17823960 G P Katinka 409 Connealy Consensus 7229
18455508 G P Katinka 614 Connealy Shrek 4242
19108887 G P Katinka 811 KCF Bennett the Rock A473
19108890 G P Katinka 817 KCF Bennett Fortress
19108882 G P Katinka 822 KCF Bennett the Rock 1473
19460718 G P Katinka 919 Jindra Acclaim
19714722 G P Katinka 004 Connealy Blackhawk 6198
19714725 G P Katinka 014 KB-Full Measure C40

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The Lexy Family

The founding member of the Lexy family is Lexy 1199 S D G. 1199 was purchased in 1999 from Steven Goodfellow of Bruce, South Dakota. We were looking to add a new cow family with breed-leading growth and style, and 1199 was what we thought to be one of the top heifers to sell in the fall of 1999. The Lexys are just that — tremendous growth and extremely eye appealing. Some of our best performing Lexys are:

Reg. No. Name Sire
16903411 G P Lexy 116 Rito 7O65 of Rita 5M46 Obj
19460724 G P Lexy 936 Connealy Blackhawk 6198
19714728 G P Lexy 020 Deer Valley Patriot 3222

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The Missy Family

The founding member of the Missy family is HF Strategy Max 502. She was purchased in the spring of 2007 along with the entire herd from long time friends Paul & Peggy Hanson from Welch, MN. The Missy family are moderate framed, well balanced, and extremely productive. Our best Missys:

Reg. No. Name Sire
18108297 G P Missy 509 Connealy Shrek 4242
18455501 G P Missy 624 RB Tour of Duty 177
18777430 G P Missy 724 Deer valley All In
19108886 G P Missy 826 KCF Bennett Fortress
4129684 G P Missy 934 G P Heritage 710
19714727 G P Missy 016 Deer Valley Growth Fund
19714732 G P Missy 027 KB-Full Measure C40

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The Pride Family

G P Pride 123

G P Pride 123

G P Pride 305

G P Pride 305

The founding member of the Pride family is Ankony B999 Lass E9054 (175). 175 was purchased in the fall of 1974 from Ankony Angus Corporation of Bloomfield, Iowa. As a senior in high school, Claudine and I ventured to Bloomfield to add some Dynamo daughters to our Angus herd. The Prides are the basis of our herd. They have been selected for moderate birth weight, breed-leading growth and elite carcass for generations. They have become exactly what they have been selected for. The Prides of the Goodrich Place are:

Reg. No. Name Sire
3876141 G P Pride 824 Brown Oracle B112

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The Princess Family

G PP rincess 125

G P Princess 125

The founding member of the Princess family is Ankony Miss Emulous 510H9 (Y700). In the fall of 1989, we ran a computer search to find the top WW and YW EPD non-parent females in the breed. Y700 was in the top ten in both areas. We purchased Y700 from Ankony Shadow Isle Ranch of Minatare, Nebraska, after spending almost three hours searching the lots for Y700, not wanting the staff at Ankony to know what we were looking for. Y700 descends from Miss Emulous 243 who we owned before selling her at 19 years of age to Vintage Angus of California. Miss Emulous 243 is the dam of Emulation 31. These females have produced many of our high-indexing bulls each year. The best of the Princess family are:

Reg. No. Name Sire
1594227 G P Miss Emulous 305 Ankonian Dynamo
1671122 G P Miss Emulous 401 Emulation 31
18114199 G P Princess 521 JMB Traction 292
4080436 G P Miss Emulous 903 Tail N Emulous 1674
4241258 G P Miss Emulous 002 WFL Merlin 018A

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The Queen Roberta Family

The original member is CFRA Queen Roberta 9732. 9732 was purchased from Clarence Caraway of Lake Benton, Minnesota, in 1998. The Queen Roberta family has produced numerous test station winners and high IMF indexing progeny including G P Queen Roberta 103, the second high IMF female in the Red Angus breed in the past. The Queen Robertas are easy fleshing, highly maternal, high IMF ratioing females. A sampling of Queen Roberta females are:

Reg. No. Name Sire
1671120 G P Queen Roberta 425 G P Wallace 016
3618847 G P Queen Roberta 717 Brown Smithsonian Y7123
3876145 G P Queen Roberta 815 Brown Oracle B112
4080452 G P Queen Roberta 914 Brown CCFP Efficient C5454
4241282 G P Queen Roberta 017 WFL Merlin 018A
4241266 G P Queen Roberta 025 Brown Oracle B112

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The Redbird Family

The beginning member of the Redbird family is D Touch of Class which we purchased from Dennis Dommer of Iowa. The Redbirds are very fertile, productive, hard working cows which wean some of our highest percent weaning weight to mature cow weight in our herd. The best of our Redbirds:

Reg. No. Name Sire
1594219 G P Redbird 304 G P Wallace 016
3618853 G P Redbird 727 Brown AA Prestigious B5153
3876113 G P Redbird 801 Brown Oracle B112
4080438 G P Redbird 906 Brown Oracle B112
4080442 G P Redbird 915 Brown Oracle B112
4241272 G P Redbird 005 HXC Allegiance 5502C
4241284 G P Redbird 021 WFL Merlin 018A
4241296 G P Redbird 033 WFL Merlin 018A

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The Deb Family

The founding member of the Deb family is Bieber Deb 4358. She was purchased in 1998 with a large group of cows that originated from Bieber Red Angus of Leola, South Dakota. The Bieber purchase has proven to be very profitable and has added some unique and powerful genetics to our herd. The Debs are easy keeping, high marbling and extremely productive. A sampling of our Debs:

Reg. No. Name Sire
1594221 G P Deb 303 G P Wallace 016
1737850 G P Deb 512 LSF RAB Exclusive 2793Z
3618841 G P Deb 722 Brown Smithsonian Y7123
3876139 G P Deb 802 Brown Oracle B112
4080430 G P Deb 905 HXC Declaration 5504C

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